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Comfort Candle Company 14 oz

Comfort Candle Company 14 oz

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Comfort Candle Company use no dyes, no additives and all-cotton wicks for a candle that burns clean and evenly, has long lasting fragrance and produces less smoke and soot than a paraffin wax candle. No inhibitors are used in the candle making process, which lends the candles a certain consistent aesthetic and reduces their environmental impact. 

Scents with descriptions from Comfort Candle Company website below.

Hill Country Holiday: Our Spiced Tea is a Christmas spice candle fragrance like no other. Enjoy the essence of flavorful holiday tea with notes of cinnamon and clove. This candle welcomes the joy of warmth of holiday comfort into your home

Signature: Our Signature scented candle feels like nestling up and getting cozy in a forest of fresh woods, juniper berries, and eucalyptus. 

Keen: Our Keen scented candle is the very essence of a Texas candle: a woody, spicy scent with hints of laurel, sage, and pine. Magnificently aromatic, earthy, clean and fresh.78028:

Fall Creek: Our Fall Creek scented candle is a refreshing blend of rosemary juniper and other botanicals inspired by the cocktail of the same name. Enjoy a wonderful natural blend of rosemary with a hint of spring.Water Street: 

Camp: Our Camp scented candle is like a serene walk in an Alpine forest. Enjoy a wonderful natural blend of spruce, redwood, and moss. Clean, light aroma with soothing and relaxing elements.

Our Comfort scented candle is like the spreading the spirit of comfort and joy at holidays. Enjoy an invigorating scent that comforts and delights. Clean, light aroma that soothes.

Leather: Our Leather scent candles are like laying back in your favorite sultry leather chair. Enjoy a fragrant aroma of fine leather with soothing elements of comfort and warmth.

Lemon Verbena: Our Lemon Verbena candle is a refreshing zest of light lemon blended with foliage and verbena flowers. Freshen up any space with an invigorating aroma that feels clean and crisp.

Havana: Our Havana is a vanilla and bergamot citrus spice scented candle with the perfect hint of Tobacco leaf highlights. Enjoy an elegant combination of sweet and spice. Refreshing elements that lighten any space

Cashmere: Our Cashmere scented candle is the fragrance of elegance and exquisite sophistication. Enjoy soothing notes of saffron, sandalwood, amber, and a warm vanilla base.

Utopia:  Our Utopia grapefruit candle fragrance is clean and inviting, for the bath, kitchen, or any room.

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